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Our goal at JBe Beauty is to provide you a luxury experience with every single service we offer. 

Cosmetic Tattooing
Chemical Peels


Hybrid Brows

THe best of both worlds. Soft and fluffy hair strokes in the front of the brows and powdery perfection through the body and tail of your brow. Our most popular service!


Ombre Brows

Soft powdery technique that gives the appearance of wake up and go. no makeup needed brows! Perfect for all skin types


Nano Strokes

Hyperealistic Hair stroke Brows done with a cosmetic tattooing machine. Produces flawless results on all skin types

Permanent Eyeliner

Enhance your eyes with either s subtle lash in enhancement or add a little drama with a smokey sultry eyeliner.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micro-pigmentation is the most non-surgical, cosmetic tattoo that gives the hyper realistic appearance of hair density. The procedure is perfect for adding density to a hairline, bald spots or thinning parts, creating the impression of hair follicles on a balding scalp and concealing scalp scars from injuries or hair implantation scars. 


Laser Hair removal

THe gold standard of Laser hair removal technology the Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd:YAG (1064nm) combined with the innovative moveo sapphire cooling system create a pain free laser hair removal experience



The Elluminate treatment addresses multiple concerns in a single session to leave skin brighter, smoother, and younger looking. One Elluminate treatment combines the most effective laser wavelengths to address

  • brown spots

  • redness

  • texture concerns

  • fine lines & wrinkles


Melasma Be Gone Laser Skin Toning 

Improves the appearance of hormonal Melasma. Recommended in a series of 3 treatments


Pico Tattoo Removal and Permanent Makeup Removal

Ready to let the ink go? Our advanced technology laser shatters tattoos, restoring you back to ink free skin. Can also be used to remove permanent makeup


Melanin Glow Pico Laser 

A laser treatment to make your skin dreams a reality. Works phenomenal for brightening areas on the face and body with hyperpigmentated skin that has visual laxity. 


Pretty Kitty Laser Skin Toning

If you experience hyperpigmentation of the intimate and inner thigh area this treatment is for you. Improve the tone and texture for bright and smooth intimate areas. REcommended in a series of 3 treatments


Volumizing Lash Lift and Tint

We use the INLEI Lash Lift system that is clinically proven to thicken natural lashes by 25% System, which is designed to give the appearance of length, volume, and lift to your natural lashes.


The treatment involves applying a combination of products to the natural lashes to create a dramatic lifting effect. Lashes are then tinted.


Reve Fresh

RevePeel Fresh® is applicable on almost all skin types and helps to reduce pores, smooth fine lines, quickly improve acne, soften acne scarring, and improve hyper-pigmentation.

Reve Glow

Reve Glow is designed to deliver results with limited downtime, ensuring you can flaunt your glowing complexion without worrying about excessive flakes or discomfort. Whether you’re dealing with photodamage, acne concerns, or simply seeking a skin refresher

Enlighten Peel

Enlighten™ is a skin lightening system that includes intensive mask treatment and a home care regimen to work against skin blemishes and discoloration. 

Enlighten Peel performs better than any liquid acid peels in

depigmentation treatment

kind words

“JBe Beauty was the best investment I ever made.”

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